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Media buyer and E-Commerce Specialist
"Manoj Datta"

I have been in the eCommerce and online marketing world for more than 3 years now. By working with a lot of national and international clients I learn a lot from my success and failure, made the right strategies, and executed them. Times have changed. It is not nearly as easy to make money online anymore. But this is possible! If you know-how to do it. So I have launched this course to help Indian sellers like you.

Benefits to join our Super Awesome

eCommerce Mastery Course

100+ Videos! | Over 49+ Hours of Content!

You need more than 60 days to complete the course, it’s up to you how soon you can finish it

Life Time Access

(This course is life time access, after purchase you can log in and watch your content anytime and anywhere

This course is continually kept up-to-date

We will update the course, if any new update or strategy will come, you will get those content for free

Make clients and get paid

after the course you can find your won clients to work

Say no to 3rd party service provider

most of the new seller pay the account management cost to other service providers, but now you should not pay them

Be a part of growing community

we will add you in our private Facebook group, so you can connect with other sellers

Life time support

if you need any further support then you can reach out to me

Who Can Join This Training?

Working Professionals

  • Enhance your skills and upgrade your career or work part-time/full-time as a freelancer.

Business owners

  • Scale your business, increase profits by selling online all over India and abroad on amazon.

College Students

  • Increase your chances of getting a job in the booming industry, start a business, or work as a freelancer.

eCommerce Mastery

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1. Requirements to Sell On Flipkart

2. Account Opening

3. Panel Overview

4. Products Opportunities

5. Flipkart Rate Card

6. Brand Approval

7. Products Listing (Single, Bulk, Latch On)

8. Live Listing

9. Brand Infringement

10. Flipkart SEO

11. Order Process/Returns Management/ Cancelations

12. SPF Claim

13. Smart Inventory Management

14. Smart Fulfillment

15. Flipkart Campaign(Cpc And Smart Roi)

16. Flipkart Growth

17. Reports

18. Payments

19. Sales Boost.

Amazon FBA

1. Requirements to Sell On Amazon

2. How to Open an Account and Register As A Seller

3. How To Do Product Research That Has The Highest Demand In The Market.

5. Category and Brand Approval

6. Products Types

7. GTIN Approval

8. Products Listing

9. A+ Content Creation

10. Live Listing Update

11. Amazon SEO

12. Products Mapping And Ip Infringement

13. Pricing

14. Order Process and SPF Claim

15. FBA

16. Return Management

17. PPC Campaign

18. Deals, Promotion, and Coupons

19. Reports

20. Other Updates

21. Untold secrets

Facebook Ads

1. Basic Requirements

2. Products Research

3. Design And Development

4. Facebook Page Setup

5. Facebook Business Manager Account Set Up

6. Facebook Pixel Setup

7. Facebook Ads Setup

8. Retarget Audience Setup And Campaign Creation

9. Lookalike Audience Setup And Campaign Creation

10. Pro Tip

Absolutely No Experience Required.

Are You Ready To Take-Off And Experience The
E-Commerce Industry Like Never Before

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, you can. But to start a business you need a laptop and a few setups that you won’t find on a Smartphone device. Thus, it’s good to start on a laptop so that you can work simultaneously.

Yes, you are going to get lifetime access to it. So no worries in the future, you can refer and learn from any point at any time you want.

It's in Hindi, as of now. But we’re planning for the English version soon in the future.

It’s a self-paced course. Thus, the course duration completely depends on you how fast you finish it all.

All videos are pre-recorded and available for a lifetime. But you also get one-on-one personal attention and weekends doubt clearing sessions at your convenience.

After creating the account, you will get the login details. After this, you can log in and watch the video anytime and anywhere on any device.

In this course, I have shared all the information from scratch to the expert level. So I believe that after the course completion, you have a whole new experience in e-commerce marketing, some bonus tips that no one reveals. But still, if you need any assistance, then on the course, I have already disclosed how to get help so that there would be no lockdown in your learning curve.